Can He Make it? 

Who is Henry Biggs?
Ultradistance swimming is not
for the average person.

But then again, no one has ever suggested that Henry Biggs is average. 

Consider the following:
He has completed the English Channel an Manhattan Island swims. 

He ran up Pikes Peak. 

He has four advanced degrees.
His alter-ego is the rapper Headmess

He spent much of his career as a professor at Washington University in Saint Louis. 

He has been matched with his Little Brother, Jamyel, since college.

He is married with 4 children (considering the above, this is a salute to his wife and kids).

Jump in the water with us and support Swimming to Ferguson!

Donate to the highlighted local nonprofits in honor of Henry's swim.

Together, we can make it.

What are the details of the swim?
Henry will attempt to swim the Catalina Channel, a 20.2-mile distance. Challenges include fluctuating temperatures, swimming at night, and unpredictable currents than can add several miles to the total distance. Depending on the swimmer and the conditions of the day, this swim can take between 9 and 15 hours.

Why Catalina?
If Henry is able to complete the channel swim, he will have accomplished the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. Fewer than 200 people have completed the entire challenge.

Membership in the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming requires the authenticated completion of three famous marathon swims around the world: 21 miles across the English Channel, 27 miles around Manhattan Island in New York, and 20 miles across the Catalina Channel in California.

 Why is Henry raising funds for Ferguson?
Moved by the unrest in Ferguson in 2014, Henry knew he had to do something to create a positive change in our community. "My goal is to raise funds to build an endowment; something that will endure over the long term. I am particularly interested in endowing educational and mentoring initiatives in the Ferguson area. Whatever we are able to raise, that money will be doing good forever rather than just a few years."

Why endow education and mentoring?
Education and mentoring programs meet the goal of creating a long-term positive impact.

"I know how important education is. As a young person I was able to attend the best schools in Saint Louis and of course when I was older, the same held true. When I wasn’t expected to pursue more in education, I went on to earn three more degrees.  Guess that qualifies for demonstrating my commitment to education."

"Every child needs and deserves a world full of caring adults and a great education!"