JJ has finished LaunchCode, an intensive Computer Science program, and finished with flying colors (as you can see above!), and what's more he has been accepted into SLU!  He is planning on majoring in Computer Science. 

JJ received just over $30,000 in aid from SLU which is awesome, but we still have about a $17,000 gap to cover, so we are making a unique pitch to all of our friends.  

We are calling on the village -- JJ thanks you for your $$ gift and pledges best efforts to refund you (: over the next 5-7 years at 0% interest.  To be clear for tax and legal purposes, this cannot be a loan.  That said, JJ has it in his heart to do his best to get $$ back to you, (: 

So, that's right, you will likely forget about your gift and yet have the possibility of some sort of a surprise down the road! If this is something you categorically do not want to happen just let us know (: 

Give what you can--honestly every little bit makes a difference and HUGE thanks in advance.

The Go JJ Go Team

Can He Make it?